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Great Prizes From CruCon Cruise Outlet

CruCon Cruise Outlet will be giving away a pair of VIP Upgrade seats as well as a pair of Meet & Greets* to every single show this season! The CruCon Cruise Deck is a reserved seating area located in the VIP Lounge with an amazing view of the stage! Enjoy your own private seating area as well as private, VIP restrooms, to relax and enjoy the show! -- Sign up once and be eligible to win for every show!
New! Now CruCon will be giving away a 2018 Inner Circle membership combined with a $500 Bank of NH Pavilion gift card!
You only need to enter once for all applicable prizes listed below.

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*This is a prize to upgrade tickets already purchased. * All Meet & Greet prizes are subject to artist approval. In the event Meet & Greets prizes are not available for the event, an alternate prize will be awarded.

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